Software Management Consultants Inc.

Blake –

Victim Location 94014

Type of a scam Employment

This company claims to be an IT service management company. They have been consistent with terrible communication and my request to remove my name from their emailing list has been ignored. Incidents specific to this situation:

— Constantly Emailing about job opportunities and when replying to those emails, they ignore to respond.

— They once email spammed everyone on their email blast proving they email hundreds of people. The problem on their end is that they did not BCC everyone but they CC everyone, so everyone was able to see each other’s emails; which then prompted many others on the list to comment on how horrible this agency is.

— Another time I contacted them about a position, they ignored my email then a week later the same person sent the exact same email with the job description not realizing they already sent it to me and I replied to them.

— They sent me 3 more emails after I requested them to remove me from their list.

I cannot say for sure if they are doing any criminal activity, but I do not believe they are taking the task to find work for candidates as their priority.

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