Social Services Grant

Adrienne –

Victim Location 99338

Type of a scam Government Grant

A Facebook contact messaged me from messenger asking if I knew I had wool 200k in grant money, instructing me to friend and agent on Facebook who is an agent and would help facilitate getting my money. I did not engage so there was no opportunity for them to ask me for a fee.

Scott –

Victim Location 99163

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Government Grant

A trusted friend contacted me and told me how she got a grant, not taxable, do not pay it back, by paying $4,000 and she got $80,000. I kept asking her if this was true. She kept Facebook messaging me that I should try to get one. She gave me the agent’s name, Richard and the phone number to text. I did. Richard texted me back that I must have been told by a QUALIFIED MEMBER. Should have known. I wired $500 through Western Union to Anna Scott in Waco, TX. Got on going text from Richard to fill out information. Not SSN. Said delivery of $25,000 would be made Sunday by UPS. Then he said it would be Monday by FedEx instead. Now he text that the IRS stopped the FedEx agent and is demanding $2,500 or 10% to get the proper documentation to deliver the money.

I called my friend this time. She was happy to hear from me and told me that she has not been on the computer for over a month and had been in the hospital for 3 weeks. She does not know how to use Facebook and messenger. She is reporting this to Facebook. I have contacted the police and BBB. I know better and really believe in a friend. The Police said they had not heard of this scam before of using someone’s Facebook id to perpetrate a scam.

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