Social Security Offices Reviews - Social Security Offices Scam or Legit

Steven –

Victim Location 77901

Type of a scam Phishing

I got 12 phone calls during the day. Figured it was something extremely important. These phone calls all came from the 717-316-8475 number. LONG 12 hour shift, get to my car and finally call these people back to see what it was or what was going on.

Right away picks up and says this is Lucas Martin, with the Social Security office. Badge number 906196SA. And wants to talk with me about some suspicious activity that had to do with my social security number and bank accounts. Said my name and SSN were used to rent a car in the San Antonio Texas area, and that car was found to have drugs, blood, and was abandoned on the side of the road. Also said there were multiple charges against me and that I had my chance to clear my name then and there. Had me give my Birthday, asked about which banks I used, and asked for the last 4 digits of my SSN. I was stupid, and it was a really long day and I gave him that information. He told me they had to verify what money I did have, and that it was mine, due to the fact that there were 30 bank accounts in my name.

He asked how far my nearest bank was, and what bank it was, and told me to drive there on speaker phone. Threatening that if I hung up, or disconnected the call, he would turn my case over to the US marshals. He was turning me over to his higher up for the next steps and I was to start talking when I was at the bank. On the drive there, they said I was being too quiet and wanted to know if the call was still connected. I said yes and that I was almost at the bank.

They said they wanted me to go INTO the bank, and while on speaker phone withdrawal all of the money out of my account except 50$ this would verify that it was actually me that owned the money. At which point he turnt me over to his "higher up" He answers the phone and says his name is James Marshall, and ratteld off his baged number. They said dont talk to any one, dont hang up, or they would turn my case, case numberDC701039 over to the police. At this point, i finally woke up and realized that I was basically being held hostage, and they were going to be getting me to withdrawal all my money and send it to them, so I finally hung up.

They spammed me with another 5-6 phone calls, one of which was the 2222 number I gave you, which is the phone number for the local police department. That really had me freaked out. I called the Non-emergency line and explained what was going on, they asked if I wanted to be contacted by their FTC or their branch, I said no because honestly I was just scared at that point because I supposedly have a warrant out for my arrest. Now I’m sitting here writing you.

I did give them my Birthday, and the last 4 digits of my SSN, and they know what bank I use. I’ve since changed passwords and am monitoring my bank and credit accounts like a hawk.

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