Socal Move’s & Leases

Roberto –

Victim Location 90039

Type of a scam Rental

"SoCal Mover’s & Leases" posted a house for unbelievably low rent on Craigslist and the only way to view the house in person is to sign up for their website, pay a fee, send a copy of your driver’s license, and fill out an application (though they don’t ask for SS# or bank info). The website is full of typos and the Craigslist add has since disappeared, possibly flagged as a scam.

I payed the fee to sign up and sent a copy of my license, but stopped short of filling out the application form for fear of giving away too much personal information.

I would like to bring "SoCal Mover’s & Leases" to the attention of the BBB to have this company investigated for legitimacy or lack thereof. It may not be a scam company (as i have not lost any money to them outside of the one time fee), but I’ve seen some red flags and think it’s worth looking into.

Thank you.

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