SMR Debt Collectors

Dylan –

Victim Location 63123

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone call from a "Johnathan Sullivan" on 6/17/2016 from "SMR Debt Collectors" about me repaying a loan from 4 years ago that totaled $450 after fee’s. He automatically told me he would waive the fee’s for the loan, but I needed to take care of it immediately and pay him$250. I told him it had been paid, but I needed to provide him proof of payment. He told me it "could have been a mistake" – what debt collector says that? He has been calling and harassing me for 4 days, after I told him I would call him back once I got more information. – what debt collector is open on Sundays!?

He refused to send me anything in the mail, and said the only way to pay was CC over the phone. I was red flagged immediately, he also could not provide me with any loan information over the phone, like the date it was taken out or when he received the collections. He also said it "was sold to him by another collection agency." I spoke with the collection agency that I did pay, and they informed me that they did not sell my loan to another agency.

I could not find a website that was in any relation to the name of the agency, nor could the locate the phone number he called me off of – SCAM!

After doing some digging I finally found out through National Credit adjusters (18005421048) that there system had been hacked 2 years ago and this had been happening ever since then – and in fact my loan had been paid.

When "RSM" called MY JOB today, I told them I was reporting them to the State Attorney Generals Office. This gentleman was extremely rude, cussing at me and calling me a thief for not repaying my loan. I really hope that at LEAST flags this as a scam on your website so it does not happen to someone! – or hopefully can track this man down!!!

Here are the numbers he has called me off of –


877-309-3264 ext 324 for "John Sullivan"

just a heads up, when you call it will ALWAYS go to voicemail. but he calls you right back!

Please feel free to call me, I would greatly enjoy pressing charges, or being a witness against whoever this person is!!!! (If I knew who they really were)

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