Rebekah –

250+ dollars and five years of waiting down the drain for a make believe yoga mat that will probably not exist for the next decade or more, at any rate. I understand that these Kickstarter things take time but it’s honestly ridiculous how little communication the production team has had with its backers, and instead of ending the project and allowing their backers to receive a full refund, they’ve now put the project on “hold” for… forever? And they didn’t even officially announce this, the company made comments about it instead of updating the entire project. Cool. Do yourself a favor and support local business over this crap. You’ll save yourself a lot of money and stress. Sketchy scam with no real intention of an end goal, even though in 2018 they had made an announcement of their intention of shipping the next year. Sadly, I’ll never support indiegogo or kickstarter ever again because of this experience.

Dane –

Victim Location 93094

Total money lost $297

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Smart Mat markets a smart yoga mat that it’s supposed to track your movement and help you with your posture while doing yoga. After you make the purchase they tell you that the merchandise is being made and will be shipped later. after a few months of wasting they send you another email letting you know that they are sill working on your item and if you ask for your money back they tell you that they can not give it back because they already used the money to create your product but when will you get the merchandise? They can not tell you an exact date and they will not return your money.

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