Smartend Mystery Shoppers

Nathan –

Victim Location 53719

Type of a scam Employment

I got an email from school that looked like an official email letting students know that some one was looking to hire secret shoppers. I did a survey and a few days later I got an email asking me to confirm. I did. A few days after that, a priority mail came with a check and a list of instructions. Fortunately, I was curious and searched the address on the envelope. It was to a house and not an office building. When I asked about it via text, they said it was their mail sorting office. I did further research and found more discrepancies.

Theresa –

Victim Location 07506

Type of a scam Employment

I received a text message from this number that said congrats I have been chosen as a mystery shopper. After a week i received a priority envolope with a tracking number on it with a sheet full of instructions and a check for $2,450. Now I am not 100% this is a scam, but after a lot of research, I could not find this company anywhere including the MSPA. So i am reporting them just to make sure they are not trying to scam me.

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