Smart ship

Patrick –

Victim Location 30341

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Employment

do not work for this company!!!! It was a courier service. But now everything is blocked and all telephone numbers have been changed.

Danielle –

Victim Location 36877

Total money lost $4,050

Type of a scam Employment

I would be contacted by email,text and the dashboard with different products that were going to be shipped to me and I would take photos of the item and upload the information and request a shipping label then ship it out . I did this and was to get paid 1500.00 base pay and 50.00 bonus for getting the items shipped out quickly. I have yet to get paid for any of it.

Brandy –

Victim Location 89115

Type of a scam Employment

This company emailed me saying that this is a homebase job and that I can make about $3000 per month. When I applied or at least let them know that I was interested then I asked for my personal information as far as my mailing address. They sent an employment contract which I filled out and signed over the computer… Also sending me a W-4 for which I filled out and signed over the computer. Once all of that was done, I started receiving packages via UPS or FedEx and I will take a picture of the contents of the package, then send it to the company. Once they receive the picture of the contents they will send a shipping label per my request because those are the instructions. Once I got the shipping label I will print it out and send it to FedEx via my own vehicle… I will also take a picture of the receipt once I got the shipping label and ship the package off via FedEx. They had a dashboard set up where I signed in every day to make it look like I was working for a company. I was under the impression that this company was legit… I went to their website they have a website and they had ““ supervisors that will contact me to make sure I sent the packages out. Once my 30 days for working at this company or for this company came, I never received my first payment which was supposed to be on 4 January 2020. I went to log into my dashboard and I cannot get into my dashboard I was informed by my computer that my login information was invalid. I was calling both supervisors Lilly Castro, and Filip Silva and I did not get an answer. I called the number that was in my emails, and I did not get an answer. Then I look the company up on the Better Business Bureau website and realize that they were scamper the website.

Gloria –

Victim Location 95757

Type of a scam Employment

Note: I previously reported a scam by the company operating under Smart Ship USA, but I’d like to update their website. The website is not smartshipusa, but is a direct link to a ss-dashboard. At the dashboard, you are instructed to “sign up” and one of the first steps involves uploading your drivers license. Please be aware of this update. 

WARNING! This company operates under and is scam.

I was contacted by a Smart Ship supervisor regarding my employment application and was told I had been approved as one of their "Shipping Clerks."  I assumed this was a legit business, so I proceeded to follow their instructions to initiate the process as a new employee.  I was directed to a smartshipusa "Dashboard" login, where I was prompted to upload a scanned copy of my driver’s license. In addition, their "HR Team" forwarded a contract requiring e-signature, and their "Accounting" department forwarded a W4 form; all of which was completed and forwarded back per request.  (Thankfully I did not request auto-deposit, otherwise, they would have obtained my checking account info too)  

A few days later, I received an email from one of the supervisors welcoming me to the Smart Ship team, which included the following, below:

"I’d like to welcome you to Smart Ship. My name is XXXX and I am one of the supervisors that will handle your account, support and will answer all of your questions and concerns in light of this work process. I am the Supervisor specifically assigned to all your packages on hand that are pending to be sent out.

To initially guide you, below are the bullet type procedure for a better performance of the given job summary:

1- Log in to your dashboard at least 3 times every day, Mon- Fri

* First login has to be done anytime before 9AM in the morning everyday. Second and Third log in is flexible. This is your attendance and will be closely monitored.

2- Report the packages as soon as they arrive and post the pictures (latest within 3 hours from the delivery time)

*Photos to Upload :

Product – The item inside of the package. You are allowed to open the carrier’s box but not the Manufacturer’s box.

Invoice – The paper inside the package ( Optional)

3- Send out packages on the very same day that the outgoing shipping label is provided and ask for the receipt.

*Photo to Upload:

Receipt- The paper the shipping center gives you after you send out the package.

Once you have your login details of the dashboard, you may proceed to the HELP section for more detailed information. Lastly, your 1st package should be delivered within 2-3 days.

If you have questions, please call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX, or send me an email if that is more convenient.

PS. Most of the time I am away from my desk so I might miss your call, hence send me an email  or SMS because I check them all the time.

We look forward to having you on board.

**END OF Smart Ship USA EMAIL**

I also received an email with instructions on how to handle unknown paypal correspondence! Yet another RED FLAG!!!! This email included the following info: 

* You may receive correspondence ( like Paypal Mails) addressed to our customers. DO NOT open it or remove its seal. Please report it to your Supervisor. We always keep our customer’s correspondence safe and confidential.

Kindly report it as an Unknown Package so we can send you labels for this. ( All Mails should be bundled and  reported as 1 Package in the dash)

1) Go to Packages.


3) Enter all the information of the package.

4) Click Save.

Make sure to indicate in the description that this is Company’s Paypal Mails and keep it sealed.

Lastly, proceed with the usual steps we do with packages. Upload pictures and send them once label is provided in the dashboard.

*  Kindly access this link XXXXX this will direct you to the Online Manual of your Dashboard. Please find time to review it  as this will serves as your guide on how to navigate it. It will illustrate you every step you need to take to process packages properly.

**END OF Smart Ship USA EMAIL**

The process of receiving, repackaging, and shipping out packages continued on without a glitch for nearly a month as they have really worked to streamline this process, including auto-text messages and emails which were sent to notify you of new incoming shipments.  So it was extremely organized, along with a detailed and color-coded dashboard that tracked package delivery and outgoing shipments.  In fact, it was so organized that it was really hard to believe this was a scam.  But again, there were red flags– instructions to remove invoices and packing slips prior to repackaging, along with any outside labels on the shipping cartons, and to set aside correspondence from Paypal. Something was definitely amiss here!

At the end of 30 days, my dashboard was disabled and the so-called "supervisors" failed to respond to my texts or calls.  I assume they have since moved on to another unsuspecting victim as a package that was scheduled to be delivered shortly after the 30-day period was rerouted to Kansas.  (I had the tracking number on my phone from an auto-text sent before the 30 day scam period ended, so I was able to check status)

This is definitely a major scam with criminal activity underway. I believe they are opening up PayPal accounts in other people’s names and purchasing goods via Amazon and other stores for shipment. I believe they also operate under the name "Global" on Amazon. I’ve already received two Paypal "new account" notifications addressed to unknown people. Paypal was immediately notified of suspicious account activity.

I am now a victim of identity theft, so they are probably using my ID and SS number in an attempt to open credit accounts, or use my driver’s license for phony letters issued to FedEx for parcel pickups! They actually sent me a letter with an individuals driver’s license scanned to the bottom portion which was to be used for package retrieval at FedEx. FedEx rejected the letter as it was not notarized.

This is truly awful. Who knows how many others have been adversely affected by these criminal acts.

Marcus –

Victim Location 32725

Type of a scam Employment

Red flags pretty quick after accepting employment. I resigned after 2 weeks due to red flags and still have not been paid by company. They even supplied you with a dashboard ( to show what packages would be coming to you and then supply shipping labels to mail out the packages you had received after you took picture of what was inside the box and packing slip. Names of people from company were: Flip Silva [email protected], Lilly Castro [email protected], Elian Martin [email protected] I saved all emails from them and screen shots of the dashboard screen showing names and shipping information and money I was suppose to be receiving.

Email received: Congratulations!

Your employment application at SMART SHIP, has been approved. We are happy to announce that you meet the requirements for the Quality Control Inspector position.

Please, watch employment explainer video:

It will give you detailed information about the business nature and position itself. The video lasts about 7 minutes, that’s why get pen and paper so you can take notes.

Feel free to review the video several times so that you can understand the job duties properly. We will call you shortly in order to conduct employment interview and provide more information. Please, make sure that you are available on the phone for an interview.

Thank you

P.S. in case if video does not play, please refresh it several times or download it! It must be converted to Your web browser to watch it. Make sure to download the video first and then play it.

Regards, HR Department



(888) 918-0848

Greetings from Smart Ship LLC,

We would like to congratulate you for passing our evaluation interview! After careful evaluation, we believe that you are a good fit for this job, hence the reason why we want you to be part of our team.

The next process is signing of contract:


Kindly reply to this email once done for us to endorse your employment to our management.

Kind regards,

Oliver Flores | HR Department

Direct number: (754) 900-3874



(888) 918-0848




Katie –

Victim Location 31805

Type of a scam Employment

Got email saying they were a company that uses U.S. residents to help ship goods to customers. Nothing illegal. The packages would come to your home, you open it and take a picture and send it off with the shipping label that they provide. When payday came no more packages came. No email, and couldn’t log into website.

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