SLK Transport Ltd Reviews - SLK Transport Ltd Scam or Legit

Shawna –

Victim Location 60107

Total money lost $7,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I reached out to an online ad selling a 1990 Toyota Sera via the following link:

<span title="… />
The seller ([email protected]) sent multiple pictures of the car on 09/08. We agreed upon a price of 7,000$ USD.

The seller then sent the following on 09/09:

"here you can read how the process works:

If you want to go ahead, I’m going to need your full name, shipping address and phone number to set up the transaction."

After providing the information asked of me on 09/10, I was sent three documents on 09/11 that looked very convincing from a shipping company called SLK Transport LTD ([email protected]). They provided their Bank Acct#, Routing# and other necessary information to complete the wire transfer. I sent 7,000$ USD via Wire Transfer on 09/13/2019.

The shipping company provided a tracking number for the car "IL468204692A0019". I received the following error when searching this number on their website:

"Could not locate the shipment details for your request.

Please verify your ID or try again later."

I reached out to the seller and shipping company for an update on 09/16 and didn’t get a response. I then reached out again to the seller on 09/17 expressing suspicions of a scam.

The Shipping company replied 09/17: "unfortunately we can’t complete this transaction. You will receive a refund."

The seller replied 09/17: "The bank has the funds, you can get it back."

I have since sent multiple emails to both parties and haven’t heard back or received a refund as of 09/19.

Seller email signature:

Kind regards,

David Rogan

Deepwater Drilling Engineer


Transocean Ltd. – Offshore Drilling Contractor

+1 (786) 544-4538

Shipping company email signature:

Kind regards,

Paul Kowalski

[email protected]


+1 (305) 853-8346

Additional emails for shipping company:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Lydia –

Victim Location 33014

Type of a scam Other

Add was placed in autoclassifieds with 65 Mustang for sale by Paul Klerowsky of Miami FL, and a third party SLK Transport LTD was to be paid. Payment could be retracted upon inspection of vehicle. Upon googling address of company, another company was located there with no knowledge!!

Ryan –

Victim Location 02536

Type of a scam Other

Negotiated to purchase used auto and was told the car was with a shipper and I should wire funds to an escrow account. I was referred to a company website, slk transport ltd., which is clearly faked. The company address is false, the photos have been altered and the company building shown is actually from a company called slk group located in India.

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