S&L Vacations, LLC

Tina –

Victim Location 78717

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I am filing this complaint with the Florida Attorney General’s office to notify your office of the activities of this individual and this company so that it may be determined if law enforcement or legal action is warranted. I am sixty-eight (68) years old and I have exhausted all other avenues to get some type of remedy after being duped by Laura Schiavo and her companies PRO TRAVELER’s Inc/ S & L Vacations,LLC at 230 E. Monument Avenue, Kissimmee, Florida, Osceola County, 34741. (phone numbers listed on documents from Pro Travelers Inc are: 855-584-1435 reservations; 407-483-7843 for Sales).

On May 24, 2014 I accepted an offer from Laura Schiavo of Pro Travelers Inc and paid $800.00 for airfare, six days-five nights lodging for an all-inclusive vacation at Sandos Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The following correspondence from Pro Traveler’s was through S & L Vacations, LLC, both controlled by Laura Schiavo. After completing all the documents, I attempted to schedule my vacation. First, the air fare did not cover the air to and from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Second, when I tried to confirm my reservation date at the Sandos Resort, they informed me they had no contract with Pro Traveler’s or S & L Vacations. At this point I read over the contract and I realized that it stated the person traveling was to be under 65 yrs of age. I notified Ms Schiavo of this contract wording. She reassured me and stated she could work it out. I should have known this was not a valid contract.

After numerous phone calls and emails to Ms Schiavo, she OFFERED and I ACCEPTED $800.00 would be refunded. This was on Dec 17, 2014. Ms Schiavo also included *** *** in this refund offer, a referral we sent S & L Vacations, she also paid $800. Ms Schiavo said that S & L Vacations /Pro Travelers was no longer in business. She said that S & L Vacations Inc was in Florida courts and there was plenty of funds available to refund both ours and Mrs. Clark’s $800. But, it would have to be approved by the Florida Court. Ms Schiavo said she forwarded our claims and refunds would be sent to us. Ms Schiavo always avoided giving me the Florida Court holding the dissolution/bankruptcy of S & L.

For the next several months I received nothing. Then the telephones at S & L were disconnected. I’ve also included her very last "automated email" on Thurs Feb 19, 2015 at 7:10pm stating "THIS IS NO LONGER AN ACTIVE EMAIL" from Laura E. Schiavo. My wife found information and a phone number on the internet which indicated Ms Schiavo is now affiliated with Imagination Destination Vacation at 855-252-8700. I have tried calling but Ms Schiavo will not return any of my calls. This company is open noon to 4pm (EST). A gentleman named (Salam?) stated he is the manager. When she asked for Laura Schiavo, he stated she was not there but was his boss. When she asked for Laura’s email and phone number, he refused to provide any information; his phone ID showed 321-280-9042 Imagine Vacation.

Obviously, my trust in Ms Schiavo had been misplaced and I found she had been associated with other failed agencies. I have attached emails from Ms Schiavo including the one dated 12-17-2014 where she offered to refund mine and Mrs Clark’s $800.00. I have a number of other emails that are just stalling tactics.

I would greatly appreciate your office assisting in some type resolution or action regarding S & L Vacations. I was told I would be refunded the $800.00 by Ms Schiavo. I was obviously duped into buying. Then I was told a Florida Court would resolve all outstanding debts. I would appreciate knowing which court in Florida is handling the S & L litigation. My wife Karen and I, and Kathryn Clark are all senior citizens which I guess made us easy prey.

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