Shaun –

Victim Location 78230

Type of a scam Employment

If anyone receives and email from SKYWAY24 offer an employment opportunity as an office manager beware! Ashly Bloss promises a position which pays $2500 bi-weekly. No interview is necessary because she has already review your resume which is said to have been located online. You will be asked to sign up with whatsap in order for her to communicate with you. Pressure to respond by signing the Independent Agreement, which will be sent via email, has a deadline. A copy of your government picture ID or Passport has to be sent with the signed agreement. The agreement is lengthy and looks legit! However, I never give my person information out, especially to someone I have never seen. I need to find a job but am not desperate. There is another scam out there my friend actually quit her job for. The woman claims to be a CPA looking for a personal assistant. She also wanted personal information and never arranged to meet with my friend. So, please be careful. It’s sad but other people take advantage of people sincerely looking for employment. If is sounds too good to be true is really is!

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