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Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

We are using Telegram messenger for corporate chat.

Your first task is create a Telegram account!

Steps of creating a Telegram account:

This process will lead you to first downloading the app.on your you can use the links below to Download Telegram for Mobile depending device.

Download Telegram for Android

Download Telegram for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

After downloading telegram, you need to launch the app by tapping on the Telegram icon, then tap on start messenger option if it pops up. Select your country, enter your phone number with country zip code and confirm the number by tapping the next button. You will receive a confirmation code via SMS on your phone which you will need to confirm Your Telegram Registration. After confirming your Telegram Registration, you will be automatically Logged in and your account is set and fully activated.

You can start fast chat with me:

or add my login : @hiringmanag3r

Wait for my reply.

Also you can download Telegram to your smartphone, tab or desktop.

This will allow me to respond more quickly to your messages.

I will wait your reply!

About your Trial period:

1. We have created a Bitcoin wallet for you.

We will provide you with corporate money, which you will need to fill up your Bitcoin wallet.

You should know how Bitcoin works (how to buy/sell bitcoins, how to exchange it, etc…)

2. Once you fill up your Bitcoin wallet, you will receive your first customer with order.

We will provide the contacts of our Partner whom you will contact and buy necessary services at a lower cost.

Service and products like hosting, VPS, VPip, domains etc.

It is necessary for customers. You can use the services of our partners at a lower cost, only for business purposes.

3. After that, you will contact the customer and complete his order via Bitcoins,

Then we will provide the customer with our services.

We use Bitcoins for 3 years and we like it because of fast transactions speed and security.

As I told you before, you should fill up your Bitcoin wallet,

to start accepting orders from our customers and perform large deals with our partners (sellers).

How the process of filling up your wallet should be done:

1. Receive corporate money into your bank account.

2. Cash out corporate transfer from the bank.

3. Purchase Bitcoin for your wallet in Bitcoin ATM location.

4. Then make a picture of BTM screen with Bitcoins amount, which will add on your wallet.

5. Send this picture to me as your report.

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