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Adrienne – May 25, 2020

Victim Location 46628

Total money lost $2,300

Type of a scam Other

Was first contacted after purchasing 2 Siberian husky pups. The person i bought them from said that they wouldn’t be shipped with cargo, but would be with pet handlers on the plane. When the logistics company contacted me, they stated that since there was hazardous weather coming through they would need to be crated. They stated that to rent the crate would be 1500 dollars up front and once pet was delivered they would get the crate back and we would receive a refund in cash. When i asked how they wanted us to send payment for the crate they suggested cashapp. I didn’t have a cash app so i made one and started the two day process of trying to send them money. I sent 100 USD first to see if it would work, it did not go through tried about 5 times. Next They suggested zelle. I was able to successfully send 100 over on Zelle .They asked if my husband could try on cashapp So he tried and sent over 1400 successfully. They replied with a heart. Thus the deposit was paid (or so I thought) i was then informed that the 1400 through cashapp had not been deposited. It was then that i started questioning everything. It was day 2 they had now held the pups overnight and I was concerned for their welfare and my kids were anxious about their new puppies. I asked if they could send me a picture so that i could see that the puppies were ok. They denied me at first saying "the pups were in waiting area and they could not get to them" they wanted me to upload 2 walmart gift cards of 500 per card. I tried that because at this point i just wanted my pups. Well when I tried to upload the cards they initiated a fraud alert at walmart. RED FLAG!!!!! I demanded a pic of my pups and told the company that the gift cards were not going through. They told me after the cards were cashed out to go to another walmart and try again. I told them no. They then sent me a photo of two crates one with a pink ribbon on it. I was devastated that all of this was going on. I got home and demanded to talk with someone (the number I was texting could not be called RED FLAG #2) I asked why couldnt i pay for the crate through the website or a call in payment. And that I wanted a refund of the cashapp money because they said it hadnt gone through and i am not sending anything else if that has gone through. They denied my refund (RED FLAG#3) They called and stated that since it hadnt gone through, the payment could not be verified. I was furious. They told me to send the remaining money through a bit coin ATM. (RED FLAG #4) I told them that there was no way I was sending any money through bitcoin and that if they werent going to use a payment system I trusted I was done. I suggested venmo or PayPal or else they were getting nothing from me. My husband then called ( I was crying and heartbroken) they told him that if the pups weren’t shipped that I was going to be taken in for animal abandonment and that the animals were going to a shelter. He said that they needed to come up with a reliable payment system or they werent getting another cent. They told him that they would use a venmo and to be patient. I soon got a text with a PayPal link and asked to pay 1000 through PayPal ( I ended up sending 400 more dollars through zelle) once this was paid and went through I took a screen shot and sent it to them. They said that they would get the pups ready for transport and to give them 2hr. Well…at the 2 hour mark they sent off a text saying that now they had hit another problem. That we had only paid the deposit for one crate, but we were receiving 2 pups. And they requested another 1500 or they could only send one pet. After crying and sobbing about the loss of one of the pups I contacted the seller of the pups and stated that I could not pay for the shipping of the sister pup and that he would need to pick her up from the agency. I contacted the shipping place and told them to just send the brother pup and that we texted the owner and we would get her possibly at a later time. The agency said ok and they will get him shipped to us. 2hours later I finally get a text that says the person who dropped of the animals cannot be reached and we now need to pay the 1500 or we dont get any of the pups. I tell them I have it and that I expect my money to be refunded as soon as possible and that they will have to contact the owner about any further grievances, such as returning the pups to sender. I still have received no contact from the agency or the man I bought the pups from. I suspect that they are both apart of the scam. I requested a total refund and so far have not received a cent back.

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