Spencer –

Victim Location 99022

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Amazon service survey with offer of complimentary gifts for completion of survey. A variety of gifts were offered. I chose wrinkle cream for $4.95 shipping. When Credit card company called to verify this purchase, we verified this purchase, but another product had been added which we did not order and we did not verify that purchase. We received the "samples" on 8-10-17. The wrinkle cream was nice, but the other product was an undereye revitalizer which burned my skin and had to be washed off immediately. On 8-26-17 we received a call from our Credit card company saying a charge of $97.67 had been declined twice at 3 am our time. I called the skin care company at the phone no. by my Credit card company and was told this was a monthly subscription cost. I cancelled the subscription and got a confirmation # as advised by my Bank of America Credit Card member service. The skin product company then tried to charge me more for keeping the "free sample" which I refused to do. Then they tried to get me to return the product, which I refused to do. I told them I would report them to the BBB, which I have.

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