Brent –

Victim Location 83661

Total money lost $371.92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My drugstore posted a promotional offer and I chose a product from it for shipping cost only which I sent and received the product. A month or so later I received another package which I didn’t order. I sent it back by return mail. I looked at my bank statement and there was about $400 worth of charges on my account for products I didn’t order. I called the company and the girl said that if I didn’t call them within so many days they would keep sending the product. I didn’t read anything of the sort on the offer. They also charged full price for the initial product which was for shipping only. I told the girl I had sent the second package back and she told me there would be no refunds but she would cancel my account, which was set up without my knowledge or consent. I told her I would contest the charges on my account.

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