SkinAmour Serum

Jerry –

Victim Location 67207

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a skincare scam. They advertise FREE SHIPPING but I was told by the representatives that it is actually a SUBSCRIPTION FEE. Also associated is They have a separate number of 1-877-497-0817. They advertise on Facebook and when you go the website you are offered free skin care cream as well as free skin care eye cream or serum. Picture and article of Dr. Oz about how he promotes and supports this and that it really works. I have since found out that Dr. Oz doesn’t promote anything. None of it is true and it is false advertising. You pay 4.95 and 5.95 for shipping respectively and think you are getting the cream and the eye serum for free. I got my stuff and used it (by the way, the cream and eye serum are useless and I saw absolutely no change in my skin). All of the sudden, a month later, an unmarked box showed up. Of course I opened it. It was another box of the skin cream and another box of eye serum. There was no slip or receipt of any kind in the box, which I thought odd. I decided to dig up their number and was absolutely APPALLED at the customer service I received. It was a young black girl. I explained the situation and that another set had come. She then proceeded to tell me that the shipping fee is actually a subscription fee and I would be getting these products every month. I told her no way, and then found out that I had been charged $94.97 and 89.97 on 12/17/16. I was also charged for the second shipment which was 99.94 and 95.94 on 1/16/17. I started to discuss this with her, and was told that I should have read the fine print and knew what I was agreeing to. Only problem with that is that there WAS NO FINE PRINT. I even offered to send back the unused product from January and was told no. I checked over and over on the link I clicked on, before I submitted my credit card information. I told her i was going to go ahead and dispute he charges on my credit card. She was like "Oh no, we don’t want you to do that." This customer service rep was so rude, I hung up on her. As soon as I hung up, my phone was ringing and they were calling back!! This time it was a "supervisor" and he immediately said the phone call was being recorded. He proceeded to tell me the same thing she did, of course we argued about it and I told him I would be disputing the charges. He said it would not work if I disputed the charges, that they would pull my IP address where I signed up and other stuff. He then offered to refund me 35% of the two charges from December only. I told him that I wanted a full refund and he then stated that he would give me his "employee discount" of 50% off. But he couldn’t give me any type of refund on the January shipment. Basically stuck with it and out $200 for January. He also told me I wouldn’t win if I disputed the charges and this was the best way to go. I was tired of arguing with this guy so I agreed to it and thought I would dispute he rest of the charges. He then comes back and stated that since I agreed to this "partial refund" that it basically negates any dispute I try to make in the future. So I’m out $350.00 for a skin care product that doesn’t even work.

Tommy –

Victim Location 98034

Total money lost $113.66

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The advertisement offered a free sample (postage and handling not included). Once I started on the site, I found it confusing and decided not to try the offer, believing that an honest offer would not be this convoluted. When trying to back-out (return to the previous screen to unselect the option), the option was frozen not allowing me to erase the selection. Calling the customer service number—before completing—I waited about an hour without an answer and a constant recording—maybe every 20 to 30 seconds (very irritating)—thanking me for holding and saying they would be right with me. Running out of time to hold and not able to get out of the site without completing, I completed and checked my credit card on-line. The charge was for more product than I wanted (unable to use anything on my eyes!), but the $11.93 charge was in line. I counted it as the cost of learning and went on. This was December 5th. On December 30th, checking an unexpectedly high credit card bill, I discovered that two weeks later I had be charged $94.97 and $89.97 for the “free” samples. Upon calling for help from the credit card company, they reported that I had selected a reoccurring monthly order to be charged every month on the 19th. I was shocked! I was helped by the credit card representative, but received only a 45% refund for my “free” samples. My “free” samples cost me $196.87 – 83.21 (refund) = $113.66! What a SCAM!!! Thanks for listening!

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