Kyle –

Victim Location 83634

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from David Hensley([email protected]). He asked me to talk to a hiring manager the next day through google hangout(Mary Hazen [email protected]). The job was for a customer care specialist position with pay between $17-33.

I contacted Mary Hazen the next day and the interview was done by texting. It was clearly copied and pasted by most of it and some of the grammer was just off a bit(almost like it had been translated). I copied all of the conversation for future reference. She said she was hiring for La Renon Healthcare out of India for their American business. 15 minutes after the interview she texted back that I had the job and would need to buy software for the training. (I questioned the speed of the hire, since I’ve never been hired without at least a week wait) She replied after 15 minutes that a check would be sent to cover the cost of the software and that I would be talking to my hiring manager the next day at 8am.

I waited for the contact and Fedex delivered at about 8:15am a check for $4890.00. It stank to high heaven.

1. Fedex cam from Bobby Kelly at Element 119 296 Reynold Bridge Rd, ste 3, Thomaston, CT 06787

2. The check was from Varsity Contractors Inc PO Box 1692, Pocatello, ID 83204 and signed by "Catherine"

3. The letter with the check asked me to let "Larry Person"([email protected]) know that the check had arrived and then to email him the deposit slip for the check.

I decided to do some research.

1. I called Key Bank (the bank that was on the check). They could not confirm much, but they sounded concerned and told me they could not guarantee that it would go through.

2. I called Varsity Contractors (who were bought out by Varsity Facility a while back) and talked to their AP department (208-232-8598). They requested a photo copy of the check. I was told that they did not have a Larry Person on staff and that the check did not look like a valid check from them. They were going to research further.

I sent a text back to to Mary Hazen, asking about this fraudulant check. Strangely, I have not had a reply. 🙂

Live and Learn 🙂

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