Simms English Bulldogs

Preston –

Victim Location 28658

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Three days ago, my fiance came across an ad online for a bulldog breeder who was selling English bulldogs for half the normal price. We’ve been looking for a bulldog for a while now, and when we went to the website given (Simms Bulldogs), we seen that the dogs were right in our price range, and they would be able to be delivered to the house. The ad we found said their location was in Charlotte, however, after contacting the business, we learned that the "breeder" was located in Louisiana.

"Keith"s suggestion was that we wire money to him through a Walmart-to-Walmart transfer, and the dog would be flown and delivered to our doorstep. Since we had never really gotten serious with any other breeders, and because the website seemed really legitimate at first glance, we thought it would be okay. So Sunday afternoon, 8/6/16, we sent our $600 payment, and were told that we’d be receiving our pup this week.

It wasn’t until today that we learned it was a scam. My fiance started to have some doubts about the breeder. First, the guy we wired the money to was named "Keith Gebson," and in all the testimonials on the site, the comments all are addressed to someone named Ben. Also, anytime we asked for a picture of Junior, or any kind of relevant information about him, he would tell us he would get to it later, which I’m sure isn’t very common behavior for a professional breeder. When we asked the owner very simple and basic questions about his business through text today, he got really agitated, to the point that he started cussing, making accusations, and name calling out of absolutely no where. We kept calm, as we didn’t really understand why he was so irritated anyway, and tried to be as polite as possible. (The back and forth texts were all on my fiance’s phone. She has all of the texts, which we will be glad to hand over anytime.)

Finally, not being able to tolerate his behavior any longer, we requested that the money be returned. We were told that he would cancel his delivery and would simply wire the money back, but not until everything was finalized, which could take several days. Judging by his disorganized text, filled to the brim with spelling and grammatical errors, certainly not to mention his rude language and insults, we were fully aware now that this was not a dog breeder at all, and were very likely not getting that "return".

Upon coming home, I did a Google image search of the pictures of the dog on his website. We were immediately brought to another website, If you click on the "recently sold" section, you see pictures of the same dogs that were available on Simms’ website. (Our Junior was "Marmalade Male #2," born, and likely sold, two years ago.) You can even see where the scammer just copied and pasted the descriptions to his own website, which says at the bottom has last been updated in 2016.

If you do some more looking through Simms’ website, you can see where he obviously copied and pasted descriptions from other websites that he scammed off of, because their names appear in the sentences. For example, in the Payment and Shipping sections, he refers to his business as Rockin’ Ridge Bullies. In the Privacy Policy, it’s Ultimate Bulldogs. You can see his lies coming through when you give a more thorough look to his website, which we definitely should have done.

Also, we ran a search for his email address, and we were brought to another site, Same name, same email address, same puppies. On top of that, if you search for his email address, the very first result that comes up is this post from ScamWarners,, and they had the same problem as us, even down to the Walmart-to-Walmart transfer. In this scam, he went by the alias, "Shean Gross," however it must be the same guy because it was registered to his email. It’s hard to tell how many names and phone numbers he goes by.

According to Walmart’s financial service provider for the transfer, by looking up the reference number, we can see that he picked up the money approximately three hours after we sent it. The Wal-Mart store at 8101 West Judge Perez Drive in Chalmette, LA is the one he picked it up at.

Please help us so we can put this guy away, so he doesn’t get the chance to scam anyone else. It’d be nice if we could get the $600 back, but I know that’s unlikely since it was wired.

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