Silverton Financial, Inc.

Amy –

Victim Location 71105

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a letter from Silverton Financial, Inc. and a check for $3,950.00. The letter says that I am a 2nd prize winner and have won $250,000.00. The enclosed check is from Swinerton Incorporated, San Francisco, CA and the bank name is City National Bank, Walnut Creek, CA. I am supposed to deposit the check and then send $3,600.00 to pay the processing fee. The letter states that this check is to cover "the processing fee of my winning." The letter also instructed me to call my claims agent, Mr. George Oliver, at 1-877-224-8810 or 1-858-206-0497, to start my claim processing and to activate the check. The letter is signed by Ms. Doris Chalka, Promotion Manager.

Whitney –

Victim Location 05053

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a letter from Silverton Financial, Inc. stating he won $250,000.00 through a sweepstakes. The company’s letter claimed they have offices in Italy, United Kingdom, Africa and the United States. Their US address was listed as 262 Rodeo Road, Los Angeles, CA 90018. I was told to contact my claim agent, Dorris Chalka, between 9AM and 5PM to discuss my prize. They told me to ONLY call the following two numbers, and no others: 877-217-8448 or 858-206-0497. 

They sent me a check for $3,950.00 to cover my processing fee of $3,600.00 which I was supposed to send to the company. After that, I was told I was supposed to receive the rest of my winnings via special delivery service. 

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