Amanda –

Victim Location 10579

Total money lost $1,320

Type of a scam Online Purchase

conversation began two weeks ago. I was searching for a golden long hair Daushund female puppy. I found this site called and emailed the person at [email protected] he immediately responded with – sending me a picture of the dog and then asking me for $470.00, I was excited since it seemed like a fair price just for the dog. A few hours later I receive a text directing me to an email – silverlinexpresscourier.mail and I immediately emailed them to coordinate shipping the "Pretend Dog". I called the second number of the scammer and he spoke with me for about 10minutes- I was asking pertinent questions to better understand this "insurance for $700.00" which in US we have no such fee. It didn’t dawn on me to even suspect anything since the email indicated that I would be 100% refunded my $700.00 plus $150 for permit/license – I knew then I was scammed but it was too late-

I asked for a Proof of Life and they send me a picture of all the kennels about 13 lined up ready to go- ( probably with no dogs in it – because they have no dogs just empty kennels) I kept insisting to show me the actual dog and thats when I became convinced of the Scam.

I couldn’t believe that I fell into this. finally, the last email sent explained that the Delta flight the pup came on had issues and now the "dog" is on Jet blue with a handler. I was still not convinced. I called jet blue to verify about pets on the plane. Since jet blue’s policy is not to disclose any passengers name on board I could ascertain that information. Shortly, after I received an email indicating that I will be charged $7,000 for abandonment of the dog. HE threatened me , told me they will hurt my family ,hurt me after they obtained their money.

I lost $1,320.00 in one day- This is a lesson for me never to buy anything on line if its not approved.

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