Silvergate Bank

Gary –

Victim Location 89005

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

this is the email I received:

Hello Dear,

This is a personal e-mail addressed by me to you. I’m FRANCO MANUEL, from West Allis City in Wisconsin, United States. As you already know, I won $768.4 million Lotto Jackpot in March 27, 2019 and the money has changed my life and family life, but it will not change my heart, as I said on the day that I claimed my ticket, I will use this money for the help of humanity. My family is a very modest family, and we help each other, my family and I have decided to do God’s work after having talked to a few church services and prayer meetings for a long time, leaving only a few good hearts in the world. I do not have much to say about myself now, but I’m over excited so I want you and your family to be happy as we are happy today. We have volunteered to donate the sum of $500,000.00 to you and your family as part of our own charity project to increase the happiness of 5 happy people around the world. We hope you can use the money wisely and sensibly. We will hire you to reduce the poverty level in your area and improve the living standards of as many people as you can help in your own community. Because that’s the only purpose of getting that money in the first place to donate.

I am very grateful for your interest in my plight and I would like to assure you that you will be very rewarded for what you have set out to do. Although we knowing each other for the first time, I believe that our Heavenly Father addressed me to you when I prayed over the Internet and sought help because I saw your profile in a list of Microsoft registered email addresses list that brought me to you.

Rest assured, you are not in danger as this is my money, for source and verification, visit the following link:

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I decided to donate to individuals and I told some ministers what they were saying was a welcome idea and promised that they would bring me a list of people who could help others with my donation and the needy one I decided Pick myself by researching to Microsoft and Google. The bank will determine their charges when transferring the funds to you.

My donation of $500,000.00 may not be much for you, but I believe this will make a big contribution to improving your standard of living, as my lottery jackpot has done for me, i was having less than $1000.00 in my account days before i won this lottery. I would like you to fill in the information below and return to me. I and my entire household will be glad to see you after my donation comes to you. We believe that this wonderful opportunity has come to us from God, and we can not keep it to ourselves alone, and one more thing, this donation will be highlighted to you so that you can strengthen your personal questions and help us generously, hands in the Most of the less privileges, orphans and charities in your place. We have chosen you to be a part of this blessing because we believe that there is an expression of worship.

Do this in a timely manner so that you can contact the Disbursing Bank for additional donations. Please keep this until you receive your money in your bank account. Please fill in the following data

Full name:







Post Code:



Contact Phone Number:

Please note that we do not need your information for any other purpose. We only need this information because we need to have a correct record of who we are dealing with to build a better relationship with you for the transfer of this donation.

We await your earliest answer.

Warmest regards

Franco Manuel

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