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Gerald –

Victim Location 23229

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

It all started with a job notification from Glassdoor in which I applied for except the means of contact including the interview was all done though "Hangouts" an instant messaging internet application. I was told that the company was setting up offices in the U.S. and Richmond was one them. I was also told that a start up check would be mailed out to me that would include my start up fee and funds to purchase office equipment. The first check that was sent I did not deposit right away because I did not feel comfortable with the means of communication. There was still never a phone call or video chat, just instant messaging. So the person I was in contact with sent another check out and told me to deposit right away and this time I did. This time the check came from a different location and was written off a different bank. I deposited the check into my bank account and the funds were put on hold due to the amount of the check. When I informed the representative she told me I need to send in $600 to certain person in order to start my training and get the office equipment that I needed and I would be reimbursed once those funds cleared. I told her that I did not have the funds to send but she insisted that I did. I never sent the funds and the my bank informed me that the check was fraudulent and they immediately closed the bank account and now I can no longer do business with them because of this incident.

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