Shreveport Police Department, Deputy Mike Harris

Erika –

Victim Location 71109

Type of a scam Other

Got a call from someone saying they with the Shreveport Police department. The person said his name was Deputy Mike Harris. He said that because I did not show up for jury duty that I could be fined and do jail time if this matter was not resolved quickly. He said there were two fines and that I could avoid jail time and court cost if I could verify that I can pay the fines and have the warrants uplifted. The "Failure to appear" fine case #0077-24-STW for $750.00. The" Contempt of Court " fine case # 0078-25-CT fine for $750.00 as well. He said to purchase a pay card, but it would cost me $3.50 for each card. When I asked who would get the money and the pay card he said, "you will keep the card, but i would need the pin number for the card. He said the money would stay on the card, If he has the pin number he doesn’t need the card, he can get the money by just using the cards pin number

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