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Type of a scam Employment

I applied to a job listing on craigslist ( on 1/8/16 and received an email and the description is not for the same type of job listed in the ad. Ad said full time, for a company etc. and email said part time, work from home, etc. the name of the position also differs from ad to email (Order Processing Coordinator in ad and Order Processing Clerk in email). They require you to physically sign and mail them the employment contract and do not accept electronic signatures. They also now have my resume and address/phone number/email.

Job description I received in email says:

"Your personal mailbox will be engaged to ship our clients’ parcels. Once a package arrives, you will have,

first of all, to control its contents and make sure they comply with the accompanying list of articles. Pay

special attention to the integrity of items. Every damaged article should be notified about (be ready to

document each damage and take pictures). If the contents are correct, forward packages using pre-paid

USPS Labels."


? Verify & provide documentation on every incoming/outgoing shipment. Prepare articles for re-forwarding.

? Determine the best mailing method based on freight regulations, routes, and applicable rates.

? Quality check and identification numbers verification.

? Document every shipment and its contents.

? Insert weight and ship figures.

? Track missing/misplaced shipments.

Also says you will be "reimbursed" for expenses.

The contact information in the email is:

Anthony Holmes.



NEWARK DE 19711-6403

TEL.#: +1 (866) 978-7124, +1 (866) 978-8136

FAX #: +1 (866) 978-8136

[email protected]

after a quick google search, the addresss seems to be the same address as "QQ-EX" and "Avs Industries LLC".

I also have the email, and documents received and a screenshot of the craigslist ad.

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