Anna –

Victim Location 37831

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Shop express lays out the format to build affiliate link products for example Amazon eBay and Aliexpress. But they don’t tell you that building on this website Amazon will not approve these products you are attempting to list and sell on this platform. If you have their pricing their logos attached to your website. Perhaps Amazon has changed the way they except affiliate links etc. But this program is still being sold to consumers. So I feel a need to alert consumers about it. So please do not invest a lot of time and money into this website building tool. To make affiliate profits. Because Amazon will not approve your website if you do it via Shop Not to totally bash Once you build the website it does look very very professional. But it does not fall under these strict guidelines that Amazon lays out for website and affiliate links. Please double check with the seller central (Amazons program) for example if you’re dealing with Amazon. Not sure what eBay and Aliexpress and all the other affiliates programs out there require.

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