Kristopher –

Victim Location 46184

Total money lost $85.77

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Made a purchase of shoes, but once i put my payment in and ordered, I noticed several red flags i should have paid attention to before but was in a hurry because it was a hard to find item for a gift. First, the website used but once on the website, the header says…before the other red flags came after my order i hadn’t paid it any mind. Then, after the order, the emails i got about my order being received, my account log in, and the payment email came from 2-3 different email addresses, one being a weird Hotmail one. The owner signing email just put Emma, but then when it said contact site owner at the listed email, that email had the name susan in it. There were minor typos and unprofessional looking emails. No reviews from customers exist. Because of worrying about the website, I went online to cancel a few minutes after i ordered. Noticed there was no cancellation link on my order form on the website. I tried hitting the contact us button on their website to cancel order like it said to do. I still have not heard anything back. None of my emails have been answered. There was no shipping info given besides the price. I contacted my bank but since my transaction is pending, i have to wait for it to post before submitting a dispute…but worried that won’t work because I’m the one who purchased it. I just have a gut feeling it is a fraudulent website and that i wont receive my product. These shoes weren’t cheap…just cheaper than original price. I can’t really afford to just whip out my credit card for another gift while this pending thing is going on either. I should have paid attention and hope others do not use this site. There are many other red flags, I just don’t want to write a book.

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