Ship a Car

Kristin –

Victim Location 80534

Type of a scam Employment

After reading a job posting on craigslist for a remote sales person job, I followed the link provided in the job listing. It took me to a testing site where I took a personality and preferences test. The next day, I received a link from the company to another link for additional testing that seemed to be tied to shipping cars across the country. The day after completing the second test, I received an email requesting that I go to another link to schedule a phone interview with Michael Strickland. In the meantime, I pulled up the website for the business and verified it’s existence. I did as requested and completed the phone interview the following week. . At the end of the phone interview, I was invited to the next step, an online video interview. That interviewed included a second gentleman whom Michael claimed was his production manager who lived on the east coast. Michael called him Alex.

The interview went quickly to personal questions that should not have been used in an interview: where was I born and where did I grow up, and later included more invasive questions: how much do I make, how much debt do I have, etc… They proceeded to piece together my life from birth to the present, by location and work involvements. I was very uncomfortable and not sure how to handle the situation. When I tried to answer with generalities, and tried to be vague, they pushed for more info. They ended the conversation by saying they didn’t think I had what they were looking for and would have to sleep on it, though not much of the conversation was about the "job" that had been posted.

After leaving the conversation, I went to the BBB website to research the business. On the BBB page for the business, there is a video of Michael Strickland. This is not the same person who is advertising and interviewing for the business. So I attempted to call the business to investigate further. But the phone was answered by someone who struggled with the English language, and he kept asking me if I wanted to ship my car. After many attempts to explain why I wanted to speak with a manager, he finally passed me up to his supervisor. His supervisor also struggled with English and he did not seem to be concerned. When I inquired whether the company employs any remote sales agents, the answers were vague and they only stated that there are offices in Colorado and another state. (I don’t remember the other.) He finally said that he would have someone from senior management return my call. But no one ever called. I had initially assumed that the company was not connected to the scam and thought I was doing them a favor to let them know what was happening. But when I found so much disinterest in hearing about the company being used in a scam, I’m no longer convinced that the company is not involved.

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