SFDA Government Grant

Benjamin –

Victim Location 43207

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted through Facebook messenger by a past acquaintance from work. She stated she had received free grant money from SFDA. I was initially excited but grew a little suspicious when she referred me to the agent she had used. She told me to contact him via telephone text. His name was Special Agent Terrence Howard. 931-488-8538 Again, I was a little suspicious so I started looking up information about the SFDA and their site did caution against scams. I asked Agent Howard for more specific information such as requirements and eligibility. he gave me very basic information and began to misspell words some words.

My alarm grew when i noticed we my Facebook messenger acquaintance only had 15 people on her account and that we weren’t friends. I friended her again, thinking maybe she closed and reopened a new account for some reason, but thought it was a little odd. I immediately stopped contact with "Agent Howard" and after a few minutes, started getting further contacts from my Facebook acquaintance asking how things were going. She’s still contacting me, asking if I am busy and how it’s going. I think someone has created a fake duplicate account.

it didn’t get to the point where they asked for money because I stopped contact with them.

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