Sesame Funding Solutions

Krystal –

Victim Location 44420

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was scammed by sesame funding solutions in the amount of 700 dollars. I was approved for a 10,000 dollar loan. i was advised that i had to send 350 via amazon gift card for loan insurance. i was later advised that the frb w[censored]ding the 10,000 until i paid another 350. i purchased another gift card and informed them that i purchase it and they wanted me to send the back of the gift card and the receipt. they later called and said the frb would not except the gift card because it was paid with by check. My wife checked the gift cards and all of the cards were empty. i am now out 700 dollars. please help i have various emails from this company and the number is still active. I also have a police report from liberty twp police department. i can also provide the email which is

Shannon –

Victim Location 20781

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This company uses a google voice phone number, their address is an empty lot and they ask for "insurance" up front in order to qualify for a "personal loan." They want you to provide "insurance payment" in form of amazon gift card or pre-paid card loaded from riteaid, walgreens etc. They claim that the "insurance" paid in cash is to "prove that you can make monthly payments" and that it is fully refundable when you pay the loan in full. They also use the name sesame group lending, incredible group lending and flawless loans.

Gerald –

Victim Location 06360

Total money lost $1,850

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a personal loan for $110,000.00 and in 2 hrs was approved.

I didn’t have a co-borrower so to secure loan I had to buy insurance for $500.

Kept informing me I would get it deposited that day yet there was always a problem.

Next issue was a tax fee for money because loan over $50,000 so $600 was needed to cover this.

Then the transfer needed a SWIFT CODE which my bank didn’t have so a temp one needed to be made for $275.

Then there was another issue that was $200.

I was told all these extras would be refunded within 48 hrs after loan $ was deposited and I was also sent a letter of a promise that if anymore fees were to come up they would be taken care of through company. And yet there was another fee of $275 for tax $ for UK since that’s where the money was coming from.

My husband are now out over $1800 cash and still have no loan.

They wanted all these payments in the form of an Amazon gift cards. I can’t believe I was so stupid …

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