Service Sense

Diana –

Victim Location 45405

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received an email about Mystery Shopping. It sounded great so I signed up for it. I received a check in the mail from some company called HS Brands International. I deposited it in my bank waiting for it to clear before I followed their instructions to purchase 3 gift cards $500 each then I was suppose to take a picture of the front and back and send it to them. The check never cleared and I received a return check fee. I contacted the company and told them about it and they apologized saying that a lot of people use them as a scam. Well then I received a text saying I was approved for Mystery Shopping from ServiceSense telling me a contract was sent to my email for me to sign and send back to them. I never signed it. Then I received a text saying they were sending me a check with instructions for an assignment. I received a check for $1840 priority mail. I immediately called the bank on which the check was sent. They told me they had no record of a check with that amount from them.

Marc –

Victim Location 01501

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Company said to try local companies businesses in the area and write a review and then get paid.

Well then send a check and tell you to cash it in your account and send them a money order. I know better than to ever do that but some

Might not

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