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Noah – Nov 25, 2020

Well, Selma Shipping has now become known as MetroShippers as well, and from further research in the midst of my experience, I saw yet another shipping company apparently shares the same suite and goes by the name of Mediterranean Shipping. I wish I had thought to look at the addresses on file for the shipping companies before we paid the breeder $650 for the puppy/supplies and $150 for shipping. We then got emails about needing a refundable $1200 deposit to legally transport him into the state with insurance, but we were assured by the breeder that it would be refunded upon picking him up. We paid, but when the breeder gave us the tracking number and info, they left out any booking information like the airline used. I spoke with Kenny Winborne, who insisted that they had used this carrier for years and to go along with them because he was at work. We did, and I called the local airport to ask where we should pick him up later today. The airport authorities advised me to be skeptical if we had already paid and still had not received that information, because as she said, they see people showing up with those exact questions every day and find out they’ve been scammed.

Then we got another email asking for another $999 for an air conditioned crate for him because it was (get this) too cold. Of course, that was also to be refunded 98% for using the crate, but that was even more bizarre considering his fee already included a crate for him to travel in and also because I don’t quite understand why a dog needs cold air because the climate is already too cold to travel.

After we paid a total of $2000 to Kenny Winborne ($kenny882) and Miles Parker ($Parker776Y) on the Cash App, I looked up the breeder supplied address instead of paying for the crate. It is a small apartment in a lower class urban community that doesn’t even have a fenced in area for the dogs, much less the facilities to be breeding 4 Mastiffs and caring for their puppies. I mention this because when Miles (the shipper) had problems finding me on the Cash App, Kenny (the breeder) then asked for a dollar and cancelled the transaction, and then Miles requested the same within moments. Both the breeder and the shipping company representative were in contact as they pushed us to finalize the transactions, so both of them had to be involved unless the breeder is irresponsible enough to not bother checking out a company before leaving a little life with it. Either way, Kenny Winborne, Miles Parker, and anyone associated with either party has been too busy to answer my requests for an explanation or refund now that I have those facts.

Nicolas – Jun 12, 2020

Victim Location 43040

Total money lost $2,408

Type of a scam Other

I purchased puppy from a breeder (another scammer) in Virginia and for a fee the puppies was to be delivered to our airport in columbus, ohio. Received confirmation from Selma shippers that puppies (2) were ready to go, but needed to rent a air conditioned crate in the amount of $988 all to be refunded except for 2% of cost. then I was notified that the puppies were in West Virginia Yeager Airport ready to be delivered to Columbus, but needed to purchase a refundable insurance policy for $1,420 before they could be sent to Columbus, Ohio. Paid that fee (all of this was confirmed and advised to pay by the breeder), only to be told after paying that amount that the puppies would need to be microchipped before leaving the airport (breeder had stated that they were already chipped, but was unable to give me their code) for an additional $1,200, at which point I finally stopped. I told the gentleman from Selma Shippers that I would drive to pickup the puppies from the Yeager Airport, but that wasn’t allowed unless the breeder changed the delivery address to WV versus Columbus, Ohio. Breeder was at work and said they could not go there to change address. I spoke with the Operations Manager of Yeager Airport and he told me this morning that they had no flights that flew into Columbus, Ohio and that he was 100% sure that I had been scammed by both the shipper and the breeder. so in addition to the money I am out for the shipping, insurance, air pet carrier, I am also out $900.00 from the breeder, Murray Teacup Pomeranians.

If you feel that you have been the victim of a pet breeder or pet transportation company, please contact the Virginia Attorney General’s office to report this information to them as well.

Claudia – Aug 16, 2020

i also got scammed by them recently. i only gave them the “$250 deposit” but once they said i needed to pay almost a $1000 for the crate i was like nope i want my $250 back and they refused.

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