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Blake –

Victim Location 44102

Type of a scam Other

I received a call the day after I listed my mobile home for sale on Craigslist. After a lot of build up, "Jordan" explained how their company would help me sell my mobile home by creating a website for me that would pop up first whenever someone initiated a search. I asked for the name of this company and was told "Selller’s Network". I want to see where this went so I agreed to be transferred to an "Inventory Manager" named "John Powers". He then stated how he thought the trailer would sale for much more, asked a few questions "Was I the sole person making a decision", and "was I ready to sell this trailer". I finally found out this service would cost me $299.99. I told him I needed his phone number, which he gave, and that I wasn’t just going to agree to this over the phone without checking it out. He then said, "This is by invitation only, you can’t just call up and ask us for this service". So when I went over this again with him, he said he didn’t say that. I then hung up on him.

Dominique –

Victim Location 54313

Type of a scam Other

Please take this extremely serious. I got called by a guy who said his name was Joshua he claimed they can sell my truck really fast and there is a huge market for these diesel trucks. He never said what company he was from until I asked. He said Seller Networks out of Nevada. He said they do advertising through many big time companies like Outdoor Life Magazine and Field and Stream. He was saying how the rates them really well and if I went to the Field and Stream website I’d see their logo at the bottom of the website. I happened to have my laptop open so I did and there was no logo on their. Also after I had called Field and Stream and the manager had told me that it was 100% not true and they have never heard of that organization. I had looked up Seller Networks online and they are rated through the really well. Everything good that was posted on the internet was posted by them. Everything bad was posted by people who basically had been scammed to hand over their title to their car. I had spoke with a lady from the and she assured me that they were a legit company. I highly recommend and urge you to investigate them. They are stealing cars and taking money from a lot of good people and if I would have not looked them up that might of been me.

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