Seller goods inspect llc

Suzanne –

Victim Location 47802

Total money lost $550

Type of a scam Employment

this company contact you by email and offers you employment to work for them to check packages for Amazon they offer you $40 a package and say that you will get a package is a month. first off they are using people’s credit card information to legally purchase products online and have them shipped to your address in a different name then they have you quote will check the package and print out a new label with a different person’s name on it and address to send it to you and then your name is in the sender’s area this making you responsible for the stolen merchandise at this point. they say that you are put on a 30-day probationary. You have a chance for full-time employment if you comply in perform efficiently for the first 30 days.about three weeks they are for you and your position as a purchaser where you buy bitcoins for people in other countries that can no longer buy them for themselves. They require you to have a credit card for this so they can quote quote deposit the money into your account to pay you.a debit card will not work they say just a credit card I thought to myself this makes no sense but they said that it must be a credit card this is where they get you to give them your credit card information to scam about three and a half weeks if package is stopped coming around when you’re supposed to be paid a stop answering your messages and when you try to call them all you get is a robot recording and I never a call back. I shipped out about 14 packages for them and they owe me $520 and I was never careful this company get your resume on careerbuilder and makes it sound like a legit play seven planet and maze that sound wonderful almost too good to be true it is a scam and they are involved in the illegal credit card fraud please be careful and aware stay away do not work for them and report them immediately! the supervisor’s name that uses Rosa lakes and a lady named Lisa at these are the two people that you are be in contact with during the emails and or your employment.

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