Denise –

Victim Location 63366

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Received a linked-in message from a business acquaintance about mystery shopper opportunity. Filled out form with address, name, phone, email. Later when I tried to rely to msg- the profile was not found.

A few weeks letter priority mail with cashiers check from a TX bank but return address WY. No instructions. Called bank – absolutely NOT legit.

Received texts and email from “Paul Fleetwood”. They basically try to get you to deposit check and then go buy a bunch of stuff including about $1000 worth of Walmart gift cards and then send photos of front and back. I’m sure that what they would then do is use the gift cards online.

My personal bank has confiremed they wouldn’t know Cashiers check was bad for a couple of weeks

Erik –

Victim Location 72712

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I thought being a secret shopper sounded great, something I could do in my spare time.

I’m glad I looked up and called the company that was on the e-mails letter head. they were very concerned and told me that the fellow that had his name on the letter head did NOT work therm and I should get rid of the check he was sending me.

I took it to my bank and talked with the president of the bank he said, "things like this happen all the time." so I went into the court house next door and talked to a couple of sherifs they said "there is nothing you can do but I could go to the police station, but they wouldn’t do anything either" I went to the Post office to see if the Priority mail sticker was maybe fake too, they said, "no, it looked rea,l but someone had printed it on there home printer. I also still have the phone check and the label says it came from a : Sharilyn Prideaux 2949 versailles PL. Bartlesville OK. 74006-7548

Tiffany –

Victim Location 40291

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Myster Shopper from a company addressed in Atlanta. Appeared to be too good to beleve, but they sent me the check. What tipped me off was a canned reply after I told them I would be out of town for a week, I got a canned email "are you all right? I Haven’t heard from you in a while."

Also the check did not look real.

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