Seelenme Reviews - Seelenme Scam or Legit

Katherine – Oct 07, 2020

I have this bad exprience too,after 1 month and I bought two portable washing device they sent me 2 plastic bowels!i don’t know how can I find him/her,please help me!

Bryce – Aug 21, 2020

After waiting two months for my purchases they finally arrived and were nothing like the pictures of what I was ordering instead of 18 inch dolls I received a little 4 inch plastic doll instead of a 2-foot. Bobby I received a Dobby keychain. I spent $100.47 and my child is heartbroken this is so not right

Karen – Aug 14, 2020

I order a reborn ball and they sent me a doll for a dollar the size of your hand. Plastic and cheap they scammed $45 dollars. Out of me and I also believe they was the one who scammed my bank account out off $850.00

Johnny – Aug 09, 2020

Victim Location 34787

Total money lost $44.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is advertising on Facebook by lifting images of product elsewhere, posting it on their site, using a description that matches the images, but when you receive the product it is nowhere near the product they illustrated and described. We thought we were purchasing a 3ft tall highly detailed Harry Potter Dobby House Elf. What we received was a 4in tall figurine that remotely resembled a house elf. This company refuses to refund our money despite their deceitful practices. This company needs to be stopped before anyone else gets scammed.

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