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Ricky –

Victim Location 70119

Type of a scam Tech Support

COMPUTER SECURITY ISSUE (This has also been reported to the US FTC.


January 21 or 22, 2020, received unsolicited contact from Sam Reed claiming to represent Microsoft Security with information that computer security had been compromised. (Microsoft disavowed initiating contact with me.) All contacts & actions devolving from unsolicited contact considered to be fraudulent, whether by intent, or not. Issue evolved exactly as outlined in on-line description: <span title="… />
Mr. Reed explained that needed software would come from WEBNER SUPPORT, purportedly a Microsoft sub-contractor. (Later refuted by Microsoft.) Customer number established: AN266862. At some point, Mr. Angad (Aungad) Singh Gill became main contact. Subsequent activity involved credit cards to pay for software, software installation, and/or other vague “services.” Two charges made by WEBNER SUPPORT SERVICES. Charges also made by Mr. Gill in own name and in name of James Loch (Global Tech Solutions). Some software was installed remotely on my computer. In subsequent evaluation by Geek Squad technicians, the software was deemed to be of questionable value and/or to be malware, and was uninstalled by the Geek Squad at store where computer was purchased.


I agreed certain charges before discovering scam. All charges now considered to lack legitimacy, as they devolved from fraud initiated by first unsolicited contact,

1. Payment to James Loch / Global Tech Solutions in amount of $1,549. Although “Proof of Services Delivered” was issued, it contained no real description of services. (No recollection of any direct contacts by phone or e-mail with Mr. Loch.) Attachment of Mr. Gill’s name to transaction suggests he may be actual payee. Transaction made through PayPal, charged in turn to my VISA.

2. Payment of $1,210.99 to Webner Support – also placed on VISA.

3. Payment of $989 to Webner Support, charged to my American Express.

All software provided has been removed from my computer. All above charges (Nos. 1, 2, and 3) currently suspended by VISA and American Express, pending final resolution of issue.

Names & Contact Info

PayPal involved, but no reason to think PayPal was complicit in scheme. DocuSign likewise involved, but without evidence of malintent.

Sam Reed, supposed Microsoft Employee ID MSC-11756. Name may be fictitious.

Claire Davis, Chief __?__Officer of Webner Support Services, 3553 Atlantic Avenue, #274, Long Beach, CA 90807, and Webner Inc.426 E. 25th Street, Long Beach, CA 90806, ###-###-####, ###-###-####, and ###-###-####, [email protected] and [email protected] Also ###-###-#### (?), in Green Bay, WI. ALSO Webner Solutions Private Limited, IT-C2, First floor, Sector 67, Mohali, India 160062 (Undetermined relationship.)

James Loch (James W. Loch), Global Tech Solutions. No contact with his person – name was on invoice from Global Tech Solutions, along with the e-mail address for Aungad Singh Gill. Information from internet: Global Tech Solutions, 9010 Brentwood Blvd – Suite D, Brentwood, CA 94513, ###-###-####, [email protected], ###-###-#### (Syracuse, NY) Note: e-mail address for Aungad Singh Gill has been lost.

Angad Singh Gill (also Aungad Singh Gill). Independent consultant? Connection to Webner unclear, appears to be associated with James Loch & Global Tech Solutions. The most persistent contact. No e-mail or postal address for this person, except as appeared on invoice from Global Tech Solutions. I have also lost telephone number(s) from which Mr. Gill called. Also came across [email protected]

Variety of area codes for telephones from which I have been called, or which are associated with parties above. Nothing inherently illegal about phone numbers from variety of area codes, but I found it curious that so many diverse area codes should be involved. Area Codes: 855. 866, 888 (all generic), 920 (Green Bay, WI), 925 (Contra Costa, CA), 661 (Kern County and other counties, CA), and 315 (Syracuse, NY). Also telephone number ***-**-***737 (India).

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