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Kate – Oct 21, 2020

To late for me, I lost all my investment and retirement money. I already notified the FBI, fill out the FTC papers. Change bank accounts, pay for fraud and alert protection for identity theft. Notified all credit agencies. What els can I do? Does any one had any positive resolution to the scam? They keep calling MALCOM SALVATORE AND Aaron Pinson.

Kyle – Sep 17, 2020

Now using broker as Financial Trading LLC and banker as Bankshares Corporation of the United States for this scam and say you have 65 shares at $1800 per share. Sounded too good to be true for sure. The more I checked the more questionable it was so I did not proceed.

Brad – Jul 27, 2020

I thank you for your info. I was in the process of depositing the initial funds of 4% they requested which I will not do. Everything you mentioned up to this point is exactly what they told me. SR.

Randall – Jul 28, 2020

Hi Susana, I am glad you were not scammed as us. If you can please notify the police about this. I already reported this incident to the FBI. I hope someone do something. For anyone looking for information about THE PRIVATE INVESTMENT BANKING COMPANY LLC or (PIBC). This private bank is NOT at 630 Fifth Ave nor at 640 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10111 as it is register in the NYS Department of State. I already checked this locations.

Levi – Jul 20, 2020

The same scenario happened to me as reported above. My wife and I were contacted by Alonzo Zaar of Securities Management Consultants, Inc., NY (, about a class action lawsuit in which I was eligible for shares in Grupo Vidante (a time share we own in Mexico) as part of the settlement (I found a case on this at: ). The broker said I needed to call Vidanta for the stock certificate number to start the process. Since it is a foreign private stock, he could sell it and sent me a contract in which I would pay 2% commission after the sale (which was in 2 groups of stocks—65 and 50 shares at $2399 each). In the mean time, I had to open an account with the Private Investment Banking LLC ( called PIBC) for the sales proceeds ($274K). Before I could receive it, they said I had to fund the account with 4% of the sale of the stock ($10,960), which I sent to the Bank of NY Mellon account they said was an offshore account for the stock sale. Then I was told I had to pay a 12% foreign tax ($32,880 in 2 payments of $18K and $14.8K) that would be reported to the US Treasury. I asked my tax accountant and he said that was not incorrect. Before sending the taxes, the money that was seen in my PIBC account online showed the 4% initial funding and the stock sales totaling $286K. The broker, Mr Zaar, said the monies would be available 7 days after the sale so I requested a transfer for $50 from my account online. The PIBC banker, Mr. Malcolm Salvatore, did not say this was a problem when I first mentioned that I had tried to take this money out because I said it didn’t work and was listed in my account as “pending.” But the day I tried to move the money to my own bank, he said that since I had tried to move the $50K out before the closing of the account their was a 28% penalty on that money of $14K, which I sent to finish closing the account.
Then, because of this issue of trying to take out money too early, they said the US Treasury was sending back my first tax payment to me in 96 hours, but in order to close they had to have the tax money in the offshore account by the next day, so I wired an additional $18K, believing the original amount would be sent back to my bank account. Instead, they said it was put into my PIBC account (which I still have no access to!). Then they said that to avoid going beyond the 30 days of the contract (attached), I needed to “manually close” the account, rather than waiting for the Treasury’s sending an approval by the next week. There was a $9K fee for PIBC to do this. Then on July 14, they said that because they didn’t receive the $9K wire in time, the 30 day contract was expired and I needed to pay a contract renewal fee of $19K and refund the offshore account for an additional 30 days at $12K (which I have not done). Without paying this last $31K, they said my account cannot be transferred. I was talking with the PIBC accountant, Kevin Hayes, who said that they would cancel my account (whatever that means) and I would have to deal with the SEC and Treasury dept. myself to get the money after I pay them any penalties and taxes (which I thought I already paid!).

Meghan – Oct 21, 2020

Too late for me, do you have any positive resolution. They keep calling me, I am not answering but my caller of recognize Malcom Salvatore’s and Aaron Pinson’s telephone numbers. I file a FBI report, FTC report, change bank account, notified the credit agencies to freeze any one for opening accounts, pay for fraud and alert protection. What else has everyone else done. Do any one of you have any positive resolution? Does these people eventually stop calling?

Summer – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 11369

Total money lost $20,333.29

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

On May 20, 2020, my sister who resides In Mexico City was contacted by phone (917-936-3087) by a person who called himself Valentin Leyva and who claimed to work for Securities Management Consultants, Inc. The address of the company was 108 Wall Street New York, NY 10005, which address I later learned does not exist. They also have another address at 15 Maiden Lane #1002 NY, NY 10038. Leyva claimed he represented Grupo Posadas and wanted to buy back 65 shares of a vacation time-share my sister owned with the Grupo Posadas.

Leyva provided the email [email protected] and sent her a contract for the sale of the shares which both parties signed. The contract stipulated that my sister would sell the 65 shares with a total value of $127,075 USD. The contract also stipulated that the payment should be made to the share beneficiary only and not a third party. In addition, she was required to open a bank account with the Private Investment Banking Company LLC, also known as Privateib (PIBC), located at 630 Fifth Avenue 2nd Floor Suite 630 New York, NY 10019 .

On May 28, 2020, a representative of PIBC by the name of Kevin Hayes ([email protected]) provided the application form to open the account by email. She filled out the application and emailed the application back to him. On May 29, 2020 Hayes emailed her instructions to deposit 4% or $5,083 with “an intermediary bank account” at Santander under the name of Privaste Capital Advisor S.A de C.V located at Manuel F Chavez 338 A, Colonia Ladron de Guevara CP 44600 Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico). My sister and I deposited those funds on June 2, 2020. My sister deposited $2,084.29 and I deposited $3,000 since she did not have funds to cover the total amount. My sister emailed Hayes at ([email protected]) and provided confirmation numbers.

Hayes said he would open a bank account at PIBC so that the Securities Management Consultant could deposit the payment of $127,075. On June 11, 2020, however, Hayes informed my sister that she needed to pay 12% or $15,249 by June 15, 2020 to the US Department of Treasury before she could receive the proceeds. As my sister did not have the funds, I told her that I would lend her the funds and she could pay me back out of the proceeds.

Before the deposit of 15,249 was completed on June 15, 2020 Hayes called me from telephone # 646-916-2427 -to confirm the account. He claimed the US Depart of Treasury was putting pressure on him, and the money should be sent right away. I asked him if there was any other payment that needed to be done. He confirmed that no other payment was required. I made the deposit for $15,249 through my Bank and my sister emailed Hayes ([email protected]) and gave him the deposit confirmation.

On June 16, 2020 I called (ph# 646-916-2428) Hayes to confirm that the deposit went through. However, I was not able to speak to him because he was very busy according to his assistant. Since we were not able to speak to him. I asked my sister to go to the Bank of Santander in Mexico City to confirm that the deposit went through. One of the bank managers told her that the deposit was received but was transfer to another account within Mexico.

I continued calling Hayes in the following days and was able to contact him on June 19, 2020. At that time, he confirmed that the payment went through but claimed that the US Department of Treasury questioned why the deposit was done by me and not my sister. He claimed he was working with the US Department of Treasury to clarify everything.

On June 24, 2020 he called me to notify me that the US Department of Treasury penalized my sister with a 16% fine ($20,332) for not making the deposit herself and told me that we needed to pay that amount by June 26, 2020. He said that he filled out an extension for us. I told him that I needed to see the documents of the payment and the extension. He refused to provide me the documents. I told him that I would not make any other payments until I saw documentation from the US Department of Treasury.

I told him that as a bank, PIBC has an obligation to provide documentation to clients. He said that PIBC was a legitimate institution and providing me documents from his bank was illegal and he hung up the phone on me.

On June 30, 2020 Leyva called my sister to follow up on the deposit, but since we refused to do another deposit without having proof of the first one. He then mentioned that the percentage was not 16 % but 13% now. Therefore, the total percentage to pay to the US Department of Treasury was 25 % total according to the convention treaty agreement between the USA and Mexico he said.

I went to investigate if these offices of these companies were real and I sadly found out that the Private Investment Banking Company is not at 630 Fifth Ave at all. I also I went to check the other address at 108 Wall Street and there is no building with that address. In addition, I went to 15 Maiden Lane Suite #1002 NY, NY 10038 and spoke with ****** *********. He said that Securities Managements consultant was his company, but he does not use that entity any longer and he does not have any involvement with this. However, He still has the sign on his door adverting Securities Management Consultants, Inc. I know these organizations are scammers and are defrauding people in United States and Mexico. I do not want anyone else to become a victim of these people. these monies that I sent out represents many years of saving for me and my family. Especially now that my family and I are going through hard times.

Thomas – Jul 20, 2020

I wish I would have found your story sooner. I too had the same scam done to me and my wife. Unfortunately, they scammed us out of $85,000. We lost all our home equity over this! PW

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