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Brent –

Victim Location 94928

Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammers are posing as Yahoo tech support to help recover email accounts. I was told that mine was compromised and to recover it, I would need to pay a third party company to recover my data $100. I was transferred to Secure4sure to help recover my email. In order to process the payment, I was asked for information from a blank check of mine or to go to a Dollar General store and buy a $100 iTunes gift card. In order to actually pay them, they wanted me to call them back and give them the info from the gift card. I knew this was suspect so I did a more thorough search for Yahoo email tech support and found the correct number. I was able to recover my email without paying anyone.

Brooke –

Victim Location 06374

Type of a scam Tech Support

I called the help number on ATT Yahoo pngage for help (this pngage has disappeared since) with e-mail and this company (secure4sure) represented themselves as Yahoo customer service and informed me that my computer was infected with torpig virus. Conveniently gave me 2 options/companies to choose from (common complaint) I unfortunately gave them permission to remote into my pc and in less than 10 seconds (unauthorized scan) something appeared on my screen stating I had this 10 year old torpig virus and for 269.99 they could remove it. I issued a check because they told me it wasn’t safe for credit card info (another common complaint). Malwarebytes offers a free download to remove this exact virus if it ever existed, I don’t know!. I called ATT Yahoo a few days later to verify my call and they had no evidence of interaction with me on 1/19/19 original day of the call. I then cancelled my check as I fear I have been hacked and compromised! computer is now crawling…

Kristina –

Victim Location 95376

Type of a scam Tech Support

Had a e-mail issue and called a help number on yahoo pngage (which has since disappeared). This company represented themselves as Yahoo customer service and informed me that my computer was being attacked by a rootkit virus. I gave permission for them to remote in and in less than a second something appeared on my screen stating that I had torpig virus (10 years old), unauthorized scan was performed by them. They then conveniently had 2 options for me to choose from to rid my pc of this virus (this same complaint has been stated numerous times with BBB) for 269.99 which I issued a check at the time due to them stating not safe for cc information. Malwarebytes has a FREE download for this removal!!! I fell for this so I cancelled check once I called ATT Yahoo to verify and they had no evidence of any interaction with me on 1/19/19. My PC has been compromised…

Paula –

Victim Location 29588

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Tech Support

Nearly a year ago we were having trouble logging into our Yahoo email box. Eventually a message came up that there was a problem with our computer and we called a number on the screen, that was supposed to be yahoo. He gave us 3 (Local) numbers (turns out they were on the opposite side of the country.)

The gentleman logged on to our computer remotely and "discovered" that our computer had been hacked by Russians. He could fix it for us and secure our computer. To make a long story short; we paid him for his services (with a check) and a three year service contract. I think the amount was around $300 to $350.

We have since taken our computer to our local internet provider and he has cleaned it out, including removing Secure4sure’s info.

Recently I have been getting frantic calls from Secure4sure telling me I have been hacked again. I won’t be fooled again and I have changed all of my passwords.

Eric –

Victim Location 93721

Type of a scam Other

Secure4sure is using our Building Address (855 M Street Fresno, CA 93721) they are not tenants of our building. When we contacted them to obtain information on to their business they asked if i was a customer of theirs, (no). after that they told us they were not allowed to release information in regards and hung up. I called back to see what was the issue with the call being disconnected and they told again were hesitant and panicking.

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