secret shoppers/bruce preston

Marisa –

Victim Location 93111

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email via our parent email system from the local school district RE: a mystery shopper job. I went to the link and it took me to a job networking company where i gave my name, work phone and address. . Started receiving a few texts from "Bella" a few days later, clarifying my address for receipt of assignment packet. I received a check for over $900 asking me to deposit and then do a "survey" inside a Walmart via Moneygram. My suspicions had been up for a bit, so I had followed-up with the school district employee from whom the original email came, I learned that this was seen as phishing from their tech folks and they pulled it off the server. I contacted the bank, and found out they are aware of this scam and working with local authorities. DO NOT cash these checks.. Contact the bank where it is supposedly coming from and they will file report. Also, contact your local police department so all can coordinate.

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