Secret Shopper Marketing Research Program

Bonnie –

Victim Location 90245

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a check for $2,983.95 to conduct "Mystery Shopping" for SECRET SHOPPER MARKETING RESEARCH PROGRAM. This arrived at my doorstep via FedEx overnight delivery, so at first I thought it might be legit. The amount of the check seemed 1) Too good to be true and 2) Lacked proper water marking and looked faded. A quick google search revealed that similar scams were/ are ongoing with walmart gift cards.

In my letter, I was told to deposit the check into my bank account, then visit stores of my choosing to purchase STEAM WALLET GIFT CARDS in any denomination. Of course, I could keep $450 dollars of this check for my trouble…all I had to do was take the gift cards I had purchased, scratch off the bar code, snap a picture and either text photos to: (978) 261-7821 or (405) 373-6042. I could email [email protected] or [email protected] Sorry suckers, I wasn’t born yesterday- but good try. The FedEx overnight was a good touch, but try investing in a better printer and get some fake watermarks or something. Hope nobody falls for this scam, cause the check is going to bounce and guess who’s going to be stuck with the repercussions? You.

Maria –

Victim Location 94544

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I need extra income, so I signed up for Secret Shopper. Rcv’d USPS priority mail. Check and letter with instructions, however envelope was blank. Person was Emailing and Texting very suspicious, non professional. I tried returning calls with no luck. Letter instructed to deposit check, take out $300 for myself and $50 for transportation, but EBAY gift cards with the rest ($100, $200 and $500). Open the pack and peel the silver scratch-off area on the card take a picture sent to the person. And hold onto the cards for future assignments.

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