Second Chance

Kristi –

Victim Location 62206

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Rental

I’m actively looking for a home for myself and my child and came across this place saying that you can rent to own for home for as little as $4,500 a month paying first month’s rent down they help you with your credit get your credit together while you in the home rebuilding your credit you can purchase the home but it was a scam once I gave them the $40 deposit for the rental fee which was supposed to be for a listing of homes for me to see the homes because the homes are not actually saying online they tell you that you going to get Abyss then they tell you going to speak with the credit people and you pay them $10 for a credit report and they get your credit report going so that when the mortgage loan it’s ready you can get the mortgage loan in your name which is stupid but it’s a man who has an accent who went by the name of Chad and Kevin and Keenan and a woman who’s under the *** *** *** Law Firm who she says is in Salt Lake City Utah they help with your credit to rebuild your credit to help you get the loan her name or she goes by the name Christina and then once you pay the money you don’t hear from anybody your name or your number get blocked in like it goes back to nothing when you call the person Chad or the person Kevin or whoever you talked to they know exactly who you are when you get defensive telling them that you think it’s a scam they tell you when they won’t help you with the business because you trying to blame them and say that they doing you wrong then they don’t answer the phone for you they send you basically to block list they block you and it gets real stupid but it’s annoying that people have to lose their money even though it’s $40 some people don’t have $40 to spend or to lose or to give away to people who are just scamming and I feel like something should be done about this

Naomi –

Victim Location 23513

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Rental

Suspicious website (800)873-9109. They say they guarantee that they can help people with bankruptcy, evictions and poor credit get guaranteed approval to rent a new apartment. The caller was asking for $40 upfront and I never heard back from the business.

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