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Monique –

Victim Location 84065

Total money lost $299.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

They called me on the phone while I was on my computer and told me they had been watching my computer via Windows. They had me press a couple of keys which showed a lot of errors and warnings and told me I had been hacked. I told them my last computer crashed just a couple of months ago and that this was a brand new one. They said well this one was going to crash as well if I didn’t get it repaired quickly. They had me allow them to take control of my computer and they "cleared up" all the errors etc and installed several virus protectors such as MaAfee, Norton, and a couple of others. They also put their phone number on my screen in case I needed additional computer help. They told me all of these installations were free but I had to pay for the license. I asked them right at the beginning if this was a sales call and they said no they were monitoring my computer when they saw all of the warnings. They led me to believe that they worked for windows or Microsoft until I asked they directly if that is who they were working for. they then told me no they were an independent contractor but this was after they had already done everything on my computer. They said now they needed payment for the license of $299.99 and would hold while I got my credit card. They told me if I tried to cancel payment that I would be charged an additional $100 and I was afraid they would really mess up my computer then. so I went ahead with it out of fear of what would happen. I just want to know if they are legit and if I am in any danger of having my information leaked out to wherever. Can you please advise what I should do. if they are legit I guess I will just have to bite the bullet on the money I spent. I talked with two or three men and they all had foreign accents..

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