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Autumn – Oct 09, 2020

This scammer got a renter booked and started asking for me to sign an agreement. I didn’t but said I would give him a try and low and behold he scammed the renters. Thank goodness I warned them before he took all their money and my banking information. All in all the customer lost $150 that the loser wouldn’t refund but I reduced their rate to cover it. Watch out for this POS!

Nina – Oct 10, 2020

Hi Michael, We started working with you on commission program and got you first booking. And you also know that the payout is only released once guest check-in is confirmed. You told guest to cancel the reservation without notifying me. The guest received full refund and I din’t have an option to refund $150 through the booking platform. So, I refunded the guest directly through pay pal. Hope everything is clear to you.

Preston –

Victim Location 34758

Total money lost $698

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

We were contacted by Jack Cooper from Search Holiday Rentals back in May 2019. He claimed his company ‘Search Holiday Rental’ were affiliated with Skyscanner and that they could guarantee 8 bookings within the first year and if we didn’t receive any inquires within the 6 months we could have a full refund. We signed up and now its 6 months down the line, we’ve had no inquires and we now can’t get hold of the company by email or phone. We’re currently working on trying to get our money back and reporting the company so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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