Scotts Northern Towing

Raul –

Victim Location 84120

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This person was trying to buy my 87 chevy off of KSL. The initial price was $500 – They sent me a check for $1400 asking to use Walmart2Walmart to send the $900 Dollars back. They claimed the bank messed up when they wrote the check and the rest of the money was supposed to go to his daughters surgery.

The Check came from Scotts Northern Towing 518 W Wexford Ave Buckley, MI 49620

The bank they used was HONOR BANK

I live in Salt Lake City Ut. They wanted me to send the money to HEATHER CARTER Address is Decatur, IL 62501

They Fedex Expressed me a check from

( Storage Storage INC ) 502 Van Buren Dr

Lexington, KY 40511

Phone # 206-555-9000

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