Jamie –

Victim Location 92058

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I rec’vd a very threatening call from a man named Bobby sone who said he was calling from the law firm of "SCOTT AND CORUTHERS" to handle a "past" debt. He told me that my case has not yet "gone to court " but that if I don’t pay by the "12/23" it will go and they will come "after me and my family. ". He said he will take my car, all my money, and if I’m renting that he will garnish that too " I am a military spouse. So this alone got me mad. He said I will take ur house and I said its military housing and he stayed quiet. He said if I don’t pay he will contact my husbands "boss" he said I owed 9k in debt and if I Dnt pay something like 6k now and 300 $ for two years he will go to court. BUT If I give him a debit card he will not let this go to court. He gave me a "loan " number and bank name and that he will be contacting my family and friends and neighbors. My husband did his own research online and this scam has been reported since 2009!!!! They’re very convincing. BUT I went ahead and looked at my credit report. If there was a past debt it would be on there. And NOTHING!!!! This man disturbed me. Made me uncomfortable. He then called my husband and tried telling him the same thing and my husband let him know that we googled him and his so called firm. And the man stayed silent. My husband said if u have all this so called proof. Send me a copy of any documents u may have in certified mail to the address on file and this man said " he Dnt have to" what is that???? Really??? U say I owe. You try and scare my wife so show me proof. Or send me to court. Then he threatened my husband and said he would "Come after him and take his stuff" so my husband said take me to court. Do what u have to do and our lawyer will be in contact. Serve me papers. My husband said certify the letter and send it. And said thank you and hung up and we haven’t rec’vd any calls since. My friend advised me to report this here on the bbb and to not answer the calls. We said what we had to say and now they can send anything they supposedly have to us. So we will see. But these goons have no right threatening over the phone like that. That is against the law. We do know that they googled us to find any info. Due to the fact that they called a past employer and asked for what my husband put on his LinkedIn profile. They sent a letter yesterday with all this info on it. And then they Call me saying I have until the 23. And need to fix this now or they will come after all we have. So beware. This isn’t something to be doing to people. Very rude. And bully like. Plus if banks have a loan with u they send notice. I haven’t gotten any notice or calls or anything. Until yesterday.

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