School of Greatness Academy, 7FigureWebinar

Melanie –

Victim Location 43214

Total money lost $1,494

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I experienced a "brilliant" bait and switch with "no refund". I never saw or got to read the terms of agreement which include a "no refund policy" as well as language indicating you cannot file a dispute with your bank. It was classic seduction using fierce and emotional language (a combination of fear and flattery) and the "fast sign up" so one does not have a moment to step back and get their rational brain back on line. It’s designed to take you out of your rational brain and appeal to a "craving" a "need" a "desire". Rational questions typed in were not answered. I’m an educated person and I got "bullied and flattered" into purchasing these "educational" materials. No program is that sound to be saying "no refund". There are many extenuating circumstances that someone may need a full refund for any product or training or class. In addition, once registered they could charge your credit card on-goingly for non-compliance with their program. This was NEVER disclosed during the marketing pitch. It shocked me when I saw it. They made it seem like "a good thing" because the money they charge your credit card goes to a charity they have chosen. Again, the "Do good in the world" as the front for the "we are scamming you out of your money". I give them credit because they got me. I may be out my money, but I still have my mind, ideas, and lessons learned going forward. I’m grateful I discerned this whole process and dissected it fairly quickly after I made the purchase. I am taking the time to share my experience so other people don’t lose money. For those who want what they are selling, that’s awesome. My lesson is only buy a product, class, or training on-line that offers a full refund and discloses ALL the costs and make certain that ALL your legitimate questions get answered. If it’s a "buy fast" and in "the next fifteen minutes" shut down your computer and walk away. Make a choice from a place of clarity, calm, and sound judgment of a right fit for you and "know, like, and trust." If only the emotions of anxiety and a sense of being flattered are present for you, you are being scammed.

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