Wayne –

Victim Location 63033

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call at my job from an unidentified person stating the phone call was specifically for me then giving an attempt of my full name and date of birth demanding that myself or an attorney contact the legal dept. at the "plaintiff’s office" *** *** and a complaint number for my state of residence ending the call with "Good luck moving forward". I am aware of this scam because there is never a company, plaintiff, or any other identifying party and the call is a recorded message. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER OR PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION!!! IF THERE WERE TRUE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU, YOU WOULD RECEIVE LEGAL PAPERWORK SIGNED BY A JUDGE IN THE COUNTY YOU RESIDE IN AND /OR BE PROCESSED SERVED BY A SHERIFF/PROCESS SERVER. I blocked the call and advised staff not to provide any information about me to anyone.

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