Sawnee EMC – Company Name Spoofed

Louis –

Victim Location 30040

Type of a scam Utility

Man called and claimed to be my power company Sawnee EMC. I gave him NO information but he knew my addresses and that I had multiple accounts. Said my accounts were delinquent and that my power was going to be shut off immediately unless I paid all of my past due balances and fees. Said that there must be an error on their part if I had already paid but I would need to pay immediately with a visa gift card or a wire transfer and if the error was found to be on their billing department that the money would be refunded to me and the billing department would be in held accountable. I knew this was a scam attempt and hung up and called Sawnee EMC where they confirmed that this was not them and was a scam. The issue is that they knew my addresses and potential account information.

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