Savers Solutions Reviews - Savers Solutions Scam or Legit

Steven – Jun 03, 2020

Victim Location 44121

Total money lost $127

Type of a scam Other

I first saw the charge from this company on June 3, 2020 when my bank account had an overdraft (over $50) due to a $27.95 charge to Savers Solutions. I called my bank about the overdraft and was told that the company took out $27.95 on 2/25/20, 4/18/20, and 5/18/20. My bank will not authorize any more with withdrawals from them. When I called Savers Solutions on 6/3/20, I asked them who they were and what do they sell? The person I spoke with could not tell me, that they were just on the billing end. I asked that that the withdrawals be stopped/cancelled and they agreed. They are supposed to send me letters so that I can get my money back. They already had my name and address. She could not tell me what I bought or how they got my information.

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