Satin Youth Wrinke Free Cream

Levi –

Victim Location 90034

Total money lost $483.75

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

As I read one report regarding Satin Youth Cream, I have to add my own experience. It was very similar in that I, too, saw the ad on Facebook with Shark Tank. There was no phone number, email, or price of the product and no mention of a trial period of any kind. It lead the person to believe that you would receive only a small sample of the product as a free trial and if you liked it, the you could order it. And this begins my nightmare with Satin Youth Cream.

After I ordered and only expected to pay for the postage, I looked the company up online and saw the complaints. I immediately called my credit card company to tell them to stop the charges, but because I ordered approved the 4.95 charge, they could not override it (at least that is what they told me). I asked to have a new credit card number to stop the people from any further charges while I tried to find a number to contact the company.

To make a long story short, I never received the product, but they kept my money. I constantly called my credit card company to complain about the now multiple charges of $89.95 and $99.95 on my credit card and even reported the charges as fraud. By the way, if you authorize one charge and not another with no written evidence from the company of subscription confirmation or that you enrolled in a membership plan or even thanking you for the product order or when to expect it in the mail…you, as a consumer, have no power. Your word is nothing. The business, fraudulent-deceptive-rude, has all the control. I had received none of these things and I lost major $$. I am presently in dispute with the company for not receiving the product, which by the way, the company offered to send to me, but refused to return my money (in the most rude way, by the way-she, Cindy, the supervisor, (Sure that is not her real name) hung up in my face when I refused the product and requested my money.

Also, if you file a complaint with your credit card prior to speaking with the company, the company can refuse to do business with you ever again and as in my case, the credit card company ruled in their favor over an approval for a $4.95 postage charge that turned into hundreds of dollars lost due to consumers having no power at all in these instances. It is the new bait and switch and there are no regulations to protect the consumer from deceptive advertising on various websites. Once I had to go back to do an official dispute for not even receiving the unwanted and unrequested product with my credit card company, I was told that the people were rude because most companies win in these instances. I would have had to make a screenshot of the ad in order to show I was telling the truth.

So, let’s be clear, my credit card company has to have written or physical evidence from me that I was defrauded, but the company can make all types of claims and statements about their deceptive ads and get away with it? Heck, they don’t even have to send you the product and it’s okay. They still get to swindle you out of your money….something is wrong here. This Satin Youth Cream scam is under many different businesses, The Glowing Serum-Alphafix, LLC-Magic Ko, LLC, and who knows what others. If you stop one from billing you, another just starts up. How can that not be deceptive and considered fraud? Also, why does my credit card company not have any power to consider this in their decision? It is like the tale of Moby Dick and we know who plays the role of the great white whale and who will be defeated, forever fighting to capture the desired prize…my freaking money that was defrauded from me!!

Satin Youth Cream is an company that commits fraud, no doubt about it. Why are credit card companies honoring their claims when so many have complained about the same thing in different parts of the world? There has to be some justice somewhere.

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